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Automated lead assignment is at the core of the toolsey service.

Toolsey is Cloud-based Software as a Service(SaaS). Lead management automation for one low monthly fee. Request a demo today! Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Failure to assign, call and follow-up leads on a timely basis costs you business every day. These lost opportunities translate into real dollars that goes to your competitor not you! At toolsey, we solve this problem instantly.

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Automated Lead Rotation

We handle lead assignment through a fair and equitable automated distribution system. As leads enter the toolsey system assignment is instant and automatic. Easily add or remove salespeople from the lead assignment system. You are in total control of the process.

Lightning Fast Contact

As soon as the lead is received by the lead provider the assignment is instantaneous. Both the lead and salesperson assigned receive an instant notification. All of this happens within seconds of the lead being received.

Centralized Lead Management

Toolsey provides a central repository and lead assignment platform regardless of where the lead comes from. This may be Home Advisor or another supported lead service, but also could be a referral, call-in or the result of a canvassing effort. Once the lead is entered into the toolsey system lead assignment is automatic and immediate.

Information is Power

Using the toolsey administrative dashboard you can track lead conversions, fees paid, assignment totals, lead source and many other datapoints to manage your sales team’s performance. Easily print reports that provide sales management intelligence and provide the tools necessary for lead management and sales accountability.

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At App Tool Werks we innovate, build and market technology solutions to solve problems. We are constantly striving to build a better service adding new features regularly. Many of the best features come from recommendations provided by our Users. So if there is something you would like added just let us know.

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