Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toolsey?

Toolsey is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SAAS) lead management platform. We integrate our service directly with major lead providers like Home Advisor and Networx to help companies manage lead assignments to their sales staff automatically. In addition to our core service of lead assignment, Toolsey has tools to automate communication and provide lead analytics to manage overall companywide sales lead performance.

Can I export Toolsey leads into my CRM?

Most likely yes! Toolsey has direct integration with over 1,500 CRM and other software platforms. Email us at hello@toolsey.com and we can answer your specific question.

What services does Toolsey have direct lead integration?

Currently we support integration with Home Advisor and Networx. We are adding more services all the time. If you have a specific request, we will work hard to accommodate your request.

Is setting up an account with Toolsey difficult?

No, not at all. Once you decide to move forward with Toolsey we will email you a link to gather information about your business. We will setup your Toolsey account for you with a Toolsey onboarding specialist.

How fast does Toolsey assign leads to a salesperson on my team?

When a lead appears on the Toolsey platform, the assignment is instant. Usually, your salesperson will have all the lead details by text and email in less than one second!

What is the methodology used to assign leads within my sales team?

You decide! You can choose from several assignment profiles for your company. This may be a simple rotation or sometimes referred to as a “round-robin”, a team assignment method that establishes a rotation based upon team geography or product type. Also, an individual salesperson can also be assigned based upon geography or product.

Can I enter a sales lead manually into the Toolsey system?

Yes! It is very easy to enter a lead manually into Toolsey. Once entered the assignment will happen automatically, exactly the same as a lead that comes from a paid lead provider.

Can I automatically email a sales lead?

Yes, we can setup a “trigger” to automatically send out a welcome email to introduce your company the moment a new lead appears on Toolsey. This would mean that within a couple of seconds of a sales lead entering their information on a lead provider like Home Advisor they would receive an introduction email from you!

We can also create custom templates to email customers to thank them for choosing you or any other purpose. This would all happen automatically and would be a powerful communication and customer service tool for your business.

How long does it take to set-up my Toolsey account?

Set-up can happen immediately, but full integration with your paid lead accounts can take up to two weeks depending on your lead provider.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, we do not require a contract to utilize Toolsey. At Toolsey, we offer both a monthly billing option as well as one annual payment. We do offer an annual discount should you decide to choose an annual payment.

Who owns Toolsey?

Toolsey is a service of App Tool Werks. In addition to Toolsey, App Tool Werks offers two additional services. FlatZap photo management system located at www.flatzap.com and Call Deck located at www.calldeck.net. We encourage you to checkout all of the App Tool Werks services!

What is the FlatZap integration?

FlatZap is a photo management system from App Tool Werks and is fully integrated with Toolsey. Photos or videos captured at a Toolsey lead location would appear automatically within the Toolsey service if location photos were taken using FlatZap. It is a powerful integration tool. Find out more about FlatZap at www.flatzap.com